Unlocking The Supernatural Presence
of Father God

by Dr. Andy Fuehl

The Secret Place: Preparing to Enter God's Presence by Dr. Andy Fuehl best selling author

People Everywhere Are Finding it Easy To Have a Conversation With God And Get Their Answers They Never Thought Possible

Have a Conversation With God and Watch What He Reveals to You in a Very Short Time.

Most people have tried for years to communicate with God and have a conversation only to find that their conversation is typically one way i.e. they are talking to God but God does not talk to them.

The Secret Place: Unlocking the Supernatural Presence of Father God is the step by step method on how to build an intimate relationship with God, how to communicate with God and how to have a two way conversation with Him. Now I have a few questions for you…

Do you want to be able to have two way communications with Father God?

Have you ever wanted to be filled with God’s love, joy and peace continuously no matter what your circumstance are?

Do you want to get answers from your creator on how to have a better life?

Did you ever want God to share the secrets of life with you so you have an easier, happier, and joy filled life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Most people I have talked to seem to have a one way conversation with God i.e. they do all the talking. These same people want to hear from God but just have not been able to figure out how.

Even people I have met that hear from God regularly feel that they do not have meaningful conversations with God. These people still want a deeper and richer relationship with God so that they can receive direction from God as to which path He wants them to take.

Learning how to dwell in God’s presence and having the keys to open the communication door will bring forth a whole new world for you where God shares with you.

What’s The Solution?

Learning how to dwell in The Secret Place God has set aside for you to enter is the key to getting your prayers answered. There is a method that God has established for us to use in order to build a relationship with Him such that He hears our prayers and answers them.

Once you have completed your preparation and know how to dwell in God’s presence and pray, you can unlock the supernatural blessings of our loving Father God anytime you desire.

The Book Contains:

  • What it really means to be on God’s path and how to follow it that leads to life and life more abundantly
  • How to rid yourself from shame, guilt, anger and any other negative emotions forever.
  • Discover the laws of vibration that God created from the beginning of time and how to use them to change your life for the better
  • Remove all strangleholds the enemy has on you
  • Eliminate fear from your life forever
  • How to turn over all your problems to God and have Him take care of them for you
  • Step by step guide to dwelling with God in His Secret Place consistently

>>> Our forefathers used the method you will learn to unlock the door to have a supernatural relationship with God and were BLESSED TREMENDOUSLY for doing so…

This book has all the tools you need to be able to have the intimate relationship with God so that He talks with you consistently and shares with you the secrets of how to have a happy, healthy, joy filled, peaceful and prosperous life. Enjoy God and enjoy your life.

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