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Preparing to Enter God’s Presence

by Dr. Andy Fuehl


The Secret Place: Preparing to Enter God's Presence by Dr. Andy Fuehl best selling author


People Everywhere Are Finding it Easy To Get Their Prayers Answered Who Never Thought They Could

Start Getting Your Prayers Answered by Getting Closer to God in as little as 24 Hours.

Most people have tried for years to get their prayers answered only to become frustrated with God. With most prayer and meditation methods available you only get part of the story because an assumption is made that you have a solid foundation, are already close to God and He will hear you.

Learning how to dwell in God’s presence will unlock the door to a whole new world for you but you must have the proper foundation.

What’s The Solution?

Learning how to dwell in The Secret Place God has set aside for you to enter is the key to getting your prayers answered. There is a method that God has established for us to use in order to build a relationship with Him such that He hears our prayers and answers them.

We are constantly bombarded with ways to pray; however, how well has that been working for you? Most people do not fully understand how much God really wants to give them but only when we follow the instructions God gives us.

Learning to build a proper relationship with God is the key to receiving the blessings He has for you. The closer you get to God, the easier and more blessing come your way.

The Book Contains:

  • God’s instructions on how to build a powerful relationship with Him
  • Solid foundation and understanding on how to dwell with God in His Secret Place
  • Discover the hidden secrets to receiving blessings in your life
  • How to bring love, joy and peace into your everyday life
  • Receive God’s divine direction in your life

>>> Your ancestors used this method to build a relationship to God and were BLESSED TREMENDOUSLY for doing so…

This book has all the building blocks for you to build a solid foundation to dwell in God’s presence and to have a blessed relationship with Him. This method of prayer will bring you love, joy, peace, happiness and the blessings of God in your life if you want a closer relationship with God.

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