Dr. Andy Fuehl best selling author of Wealth Without a Job

Master of Money and Business Psychology Dr. Andy Fuehl is a leading expert teaching people how to achieve success and become millionaires doing work they love. He teaches people to think like a successful entrepreneur especially in a job.

To thrive in today’s fast paced times whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or have a job, you must think and act like an entrepreneur.

Dr. Andy is an absolutely amazing trainer who will inspire, entertain, and motivate you to reach your maximum potential. He uses accelerated learning technologies and has taught thousands of people just like you his proven strategies to succeed quickly and easily and to Take Action Now in the real world where it counts.

Mindset accounts for 90% of all success because everything starts in thought. Yet most people focus on procedure, which accounts for only 10%. That’s why over 50% of businesses fail in the first year and over 90% of all businesses fail in the first 5 five years.

Mindset is the true foundation for all success. That’s why Andy not only teaches you what to do — he teaches you how to do it. After you attend a training session with Andy, you will build a powerful mindset for success because it will be engrained at the cellular level and is now part of you.

Using the methods Andy Fuehl teaches in his best selling book Wealth Without a Job he went from being Unemployed to Millionaire in under three years. He modeled some of the most successful people on the planet and uncovered their secrets in the area of sales, wealth, leadership, finance and business. You too can discover the secrets to success from Andy.

Dr. Andy Fuehl is also the author and creator of best selling accelerated audio learning programs and books including:

He has also contributed chapters to other best selling books such as:

  • Meet and Grow Rich by Joe Vitale
  • How to Get From Mad to Glad: Laid Off? Don’t Stress.

…and much, much more.

It wasn’t always this way…

Andy Fuehl grew up in Chicago in a middle class family. Both his parents worked very hard for a living constantly scrimping and saving. Money was always tight in his family and there was no one in his family that was wealthy.

Dr. Andy received his Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1985 from Illinois Institute of Technology and in 2008 received his Doctorate in Marketplace/Business Ministry from Phoenix University of Theology. He worked in Corporate America for Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years and managed the design of large-scale global communication systems. He climbed the corporate ladder in search for freedom and security and…

One day after many years of loyal service he was laid off and his income went to zero overnight. At this point he made a decision that this would never happen to him again. He decided to become an Entrepreneur and take control of his destiny.

Andy Fuehl started several businesses which ultimately failed. He was losing money quickly but realized that creating wealth is all an inner game.

When he discovered Neuro Linguistics Programming or NLP and Hypnosis everything changed. It was a natural talent that Andy had uncovered. He learned and applied these technologies to business and entrepreneurship to help people succeed quickly.

Since then Dr. Andy Fuehl transformed himself into a successful wealthy entrepreneur. He modeled some of the most successful people on the planet in the area of wealth and business and discovered their secrets.

Andy implemented the secrets in his own life and become a millionaire in under three years. He promised and dedicated his life to helping millions of people end frustration and financial struggle and succeed.

Dr. Andy now teaches the secrets and battle proven strategies to wealth that he discovered and has helped thousands of people to do the same. He has kept his promise and continues to fulfill his mission of making this a more prosperous world for average people like himself.


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Best Seller Wealth Without a Job Hardcover book by Dr. Andy Fuehl and Phil Laut best selling author of Money is My Friend, published by John Wiley & Sons
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Dolf de Roos New York Times best selling author of Real Estate Riches "Standing out in a plethora of 'get rich' books, Wealth Without a Job goes beyond the predictable 'set goals, work hard, and pretend to be happy' approach; rather, it inspires, cajoles, and leads readers through known and tested paths to financial freedom. Andy Fuehl and Phil Laut don't just seek to change your wealth, however. Be prepared for a deeper understanding of both economics and how your mind thinks and works, so that you and your goals are driven towards each other. A compelling read."

-Dr. Dolf de Roos, author of the New York Times bestseller, Real Estate Riches

Bob Proctor of the Secret Shares his insights about Wealth Without a Job "I was fortunate enough to learn many years ago that working is the very worst way to earn money. Work is made for us, we are not made for work. Our work is meant to provide us with satisfaction. We should do what we love and love what we do."

--Bob Proctor, author of the bestselling book, You Were Born Rich and starred in the movie The Secret

Jeffrey Combs Shares his insights about Wealth Without a Job "Phil Laut and Andy Fuehl are money masters! The information and the application of their wisdom is what will allow you to attract the wealth you deserve."

--Jeffery Combs, author of More Heart than Talent
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